AUTHENTIC Mexican salsa for TACOS | TOMATILLO salsa recipe | JALAPEÑO salsa recipes

Salsas are important in Mexican cuisine. They are as important as having salt on your table and in this video I am teaching you how to make two delicious salsas for tacos. The first one is a tomatillo salsa combined with chile de arbol. The acidity in the tomatillo put together with the heat on the chiles bring out an amazing balance that make this salsa so tasty and mild. Our jalapeño salsa; on the other hand, can boast of having a little more heat and its creaminess make it so delicious and unique. Either one you choose will go perfect with your tacos or any dish you choose to pair them with. Enjoy!

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Salsa for tacos (taqueras)

Tomatillo salsa
Tomatillos, medium 10 ea (1 lb)
Water 4 cups (or enough to cover the tomatillos)
Red chilli peppers 🌶, dried 8 ea
Garlic cloves 2 ea
Cilantro small bunch
Salt to taste
Avocado 1 ea

Creamy jalapeño salsa
Jalapeños, large 7 ea (1 lb)
White onion, large 1/4 ea
Garlic cloves 3 ea
Canola oil 1 3/4 cups
Cilantro small bunch
Salt to taste

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