Batch Cook Effectively | Easy Meal Prep Ideas & Healthy Recipes | Lifestyle Medicine Podcast Ep. 89

Join me in the Batch Cooking Club to learn how to be successful on a plant based diet.

Stephanie Dreyer is the creator of the Batch Cooking Club. She is on a mission to get more families to eat healthier and to get them back into the kitchen. She wants every child in the world to have access to an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables daily and to enjoy eating them!

Stephanie Dreyer is a plant-based lifestyle expert, a mom of three, the author of two children’s books, an influencer and has been featured on VegNews and World of Vegan.

In this episode, we dive deeper into the importance of batch cooking and the effective system that she has developed. We are not talking about cooking one large meal for the week that you will portion off. We are not talking about cooking all your meals in one day. She has a unique approach that allows you to prep for the week while only spending 2-3 hours on a Saturday.

One of the reasons many people give up on any one diet is because of the lack proper prepping and planning.

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A couple of announcements:
*The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s nutrition class picks up again this Tuesday, February 26 at 4 pm ET. This class is titled Fight Covid-19 with nutrition and includes physicians and a variety of guests that will teach you how to get started on a plant based diet. Tell them you heard about the class on the Plant Based DFW Podcast show.

*Dr. Riz and I will be guests in that class on Feb 16th.

*On Feb 13th, Dr. Riz will be a guest on the Green & Fit Frisco pod where he will speak on cardiovascular disease and how COVID has caused more health problems for individuals who already had pre-existing conditions. I will provide a link for that FB live as well. Dr. Riz live on FB-

*Finally, please send Dr. Riz birthday wishes on January 31st!

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