Claire Saffitz Answers Baking Questions From Subscribers | Claire-ified

Ever have a burning baking question you wished you could ask a real baking expert? Does your pie dough flop instead of flake? Ever botched a batch of brownies without knowing why? Well, you might have these questions answered because Claire is here to address all your burning queries in this new mini-series called Claire-ified.

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0:00 Start
0:13 What is Claire-ified?
1:07 Claire-ified Animation/Intro Song
1:20 Claire Saffitz Answers Burning Baking Questions From Subscribers
25:28 Kyu’s Cats.

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Photographer: Alex Lau
Food Stylist: Sue Li
Prop Stylist: Astrid Chastka

Video Series:
Producer/Director: @VincentCross
Camera Operator: Calvin Robertson
Sound Engineer/Music: Michael Guggino
Editor: Kyu Nakama

Animation Credits:
Character Designer/Animator: Jack Sherry
Character Rigger: Johara Dutton
Background/Prop Designer: M. Cody Wiley
Background Illustrator: Jagriti Khirwar


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