Daddy's Beef Goulash Recipe (Recept na Taťkův Hovězí Guláš)

Beef goulash (Hovězí guláš)

One of the top three national dishes in the Czech Republic. Loved by many and favourite by tourists, who visit the Czech Republic. Now you can make it in a comfort of your home.
Originally goulash is probably from Hungary but has the form of soup, based on meat, onions, paprika and tomatoes. Only when this soup came to Bohemia, the Czechs added some caraway seeds and garlic and perfected it for a wonderful meat sauce. If you add other ingredients to this basic goulash, then you will get many more variations. Inexpensive meat is used on the goulash, as it is slowly cooked, so it uses stiffer meat. The best part is then the Beef Shin (unfortunately I did not get, so I used cheap Prime Topside Joint – but I had to shorten the cooking time). Finished meat can be identified by the fact that it can be cut with a spoon.
Simply Daddy’s Rules:
1) The ratio of meat to onion (by volume) is about 1: 1
2) You can add anything you find in the fridge to the goulash – there is always a speciality.
3) Do not include flour or food chemicals!
I add fresh coriander to the goulash, because it goes well together with beef and together with chilli peppers and tomatoes (tomato purée) they form the so-called golden trio. … and of course Lovage (Libeček), which wonderfully supports the meaty taste.
Goulash like the other Czech sauce is the best on the second-third day when all the tastes are greatly connected. So if you really want to enjoy it, then cool the goulash and store to the next day in the refrigerator and then reheat.
The dumplings, as well as potatoes pancake, are best suited to the goulash, and is also great with the pasta or just with Czech home-made caraway bread.
It is also necessary with great Czech beer. 🙂
So, Bon appetit!

Music from YouTube free library: United States Marine Band and Arthur S. Witcomb – The Premier


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