Dietitian vs 21 Day Fix “Certified” vs All The Other Ones | Who Knows More About Nutrition?

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*MLM= Multi-Level Marketing. When you hear MLM think companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Beachbody, or Scentsy. These companies operate very similar, though not exactly the same as, illegal pyramid schemes, but what differentiates them is the fact that they have products.

Many people however, often find MLMs to be synonymous with pyramid schemes because of the recruiting model. To be successful in most MLMs, you essentially MUST recruit a “team” or “downline” beneath you.

According to statistics released by the FTC, 99.6% of people who buy into the “opportunity” sold by so many MLM distributors will LOSE MONEY. You also do NOT need any credentials or background education to become a distributor for most MLM companies. STAY AWARE. STAY INFORMED.

FTC study-

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