Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Baked Avocado Bowls

“You are what you eat, eats.”

What’s up everyone?
Hope this video finds all of you well! I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about quick and easy meals! For those of you at college, or working hectic schedules, etc. that need a quick but healthy breakfast for the AM, you can sure as hell use this breakfast option as a solid go-to! With protein from the eggs, and your healthy fats and nutrients from the avocado, you can’t miss…

Note: The recommended daily intake for cholesterol is around 300-400 mg. Eggs contain around 180 mg’s. As long as you aren’t abusing your cholesterol levels everyday, 2 with breakfast are fine. I also wanted to use a yolk for each bowl in this video to show the quickness and convenience of this breakfast- I usually like to scramble 1 egg yolk into a couple whites and then pour them in the bowls to cook them that way.

What I used:

4 Free-Range Organic Eggs
2 Organic Avocados

SIDE: Tomato Salad
-Yellow/Orange/Tan Tomatoes
-Italian Parsley

SPICES: Organic
-Himalayan Sea Salt
-Ground Pepper

-Knife or Avocado Cutter
-Extra Bowl
-Steady Hands (putting the stuffed avocados into the oven without spilling isn’t easy!)


1.) Regardless of whether you are gonna use the egg yolk or not, crack the egg over a separate bowl first to let some egg white come out before filling the avocado to prevent it from overflowing.

2.) Add Kale, spinach or any type of healthy green to this tomato salad for a heartier mix. I’ve also seen people also throw bacon bits into this (which sounds amazing) but if you are striving for a healthier diet, bacon shouldn’t be a part of that process. Just sayin.

3.) Use yellow/orange tomatoes- they have a better source of lycopene which is a powerful anti-oxidant.

4.) If you are trying to cut calories or lose weight, axe the cheese with the recipe!

Drop any questions or comments below about this recipe and any future recipe you guys want to see!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Baked Avocado Bowls

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