How To Make A Cheesy Raclette Dinner Spread

Acclaimed Chicago chef Paul Kahan of Publican, Dove’s Luncheonette, and avec brings Switzerland’s favorite cheesy party food, raclette, to the Munchies Test Kitchen. Raclette, featured in Paul’s new cookbook “Cooking for Good Times,” describes both the cheese and the table-top grill on which the meal is cooked and the cheese is melted it.

Paul composes this traditional Swiss dish by prepping potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, skirt steak, sausage, and leeks with some different savory marinades. As the vegetables and proteins cook on the grill, Paul preps the cheese for melting and recounts his first raclette experience at a social gathering in the Swiss Alps. Finally, Paul pours the liquified, caramelized cheese over the grilled meats and veggies and invites a few friends to drink, eat, and enjoy.

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