Mr. Brunch Chicago's "Dinner in 45" Cooking Show

Mr. Brunch Chicago’s “Dinner in 45” Cooking Show Wednesday July 14th…with in studio guest appearances for some of our past years customers and viewers.
Join us for a NEW episode featuring meals prepared with ALL of Mr. Brunch Chicago’s products!
Email us for ingredients and recipe…
Join us at 5:00 PM (central) via Facebook LIVE and YouTube, and tell a friend!
I’m still creating quick, easy and affordable meals that anyone can make in 45 minutes or less. It’s important that we keep our distance and stay safe, so I’m showing people “how to fish”. This is an effort to bring families back together at the dinner table to eat, fellowship, and share their daily experiences.
Here’s the link for Mr. Brunch Chicago’s Southside Jerk products…


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