Pepper is spicy? I made sweet and many delicious dishes from black pepper|Poorna – The nature girl |

When I saw the ripe red spikes among the green pepper spikes, I immediately remembered the red heen ambilla that I had eaten in the jungle with the my childhood little heroes in the village.
It was when I picked some peppers that I saw the sweet oranges.I picked few of oranges for making drinks.
When I came home I saw Saki in the distance. I put my hands on the fence and waited for him to come. I don’t know where the fatigue went when I saw that face.
I made a sweet orange drink with ripe peppercorns, honey, ginger, and salt, thinking about the safety of everyone at home with the corona conditions in the country these days. As usual, Dad and Uncle Sumith said it was delicious. He sighed.

I put the peppercorns in a sack, tied them around and trampled them to separate the seeds from the pods. The work was made easier because my father also helped me. I put the peppercorns in the pot and removed the peppercorns. It’s like that. .It’s a little bit of dried peppercorns and I put the rest in bottles.
It’s about nine or ten o’clock in the morning. I need to take my dad to the tea too, so I quickly knead the dough and add a little more pepper powder to make the filling. That’s what I did with the dried savory rice. The taste of a rice pudding made with coconut powder mixed with jaggery, cardamom and pepper is mostly felt only with a cup of bitter ginger paste. When all the sweets are done, my mother takes tea .. The back door slammed shut and I walked downstairs with Saki
When I was leaving, I saw my mother pouring some tea in to the cup.

The next day, my mother made milk jackfruit, cooked it in dried loaf of oil, and fried it with papadam and dried chilli salt. Ummm.. yammy, the milk tasted amazing with raw rice.
Dad had given me a hint earlier, so I thought about what I was going to make for dinner right away and made the necessary arrangements.
Add a little more pepper to the dried chillies and fry the ginger and fennel coriander, and the whole kitchen smells whole over the kithchen, which was made with a little more pepper, was spit in the mouth.

When noodles are added to vegetables that have been tempered with sesame oil, they have a strange taste and aroma. Also, sesame oil is one of the essential oils that we need to use in our food from time to time. As soon as the salad is made and the mushrooms are cut, it gets a little dark. When I was making the cream of mushroom soup and took in to the the table, my father started the blew petrol-Max lamp. It was from that air that the lamp was lit continuously. That’s why I hear the sound of “shhoouusss”. The more the wind blows, the brighter the lamp becomes.
Mom and Dad ate a lot of dinner, It really fills my mind as I watch them taste and eat the food I love. My brother and I drank most of the mushrooms soup..😍
Get closer to nature. Go out and live this short life as a noble person. Be careful
Bless the Triple Gem🌿
Dear Poorna ♥️

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