Pork Tocino: Preservative-Free

I have been teaching Meat Processing for a long time now and every once in awhile I get requests for recipes without preservatives/chemicals. This is one of those recipes. A flavor is developed when the meat is “cured” with the use of curing salt. I tried to recreate the flavor of the pork tocino using basic ingredients in our kitchen. I have been happy with the results. This has become one of my favorites. I hope this will be a favorite item in your breakfast table.

Chef’s Notes:
1) Use “kasim” or we call it “kas-ing” in Cebu or pork neck/shoulder because the fat is marbled. Pork Tocino without fat is dry and tough.
2) I used catsup (banana or tomato) instead of red food color. You can use atchuete seeds to color too. Soak atchuete seeds in hot water until the desired color is rendered. Drain off and use the color (do not add if the color is still hot or warm).
3) Massage the pork tocino with the marinade. Once the marinade dries up, pack in plastic bags, seal and freeze.

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