Quick and Easy Sehri Recipes You Can Make In 15 Minutes | Ramadan Recipes | SooperChef

Running out of time? Try out these Quick Sehri Recipes. These are the best Sehri Recipes You Can Make In 15 Minutes. Taste in all these recipes that will make your Sehri more delicious. Try out these Sehri Recipes this Ramadan. Give try to these recipes one by one and share your thoughts with us.

Sehri recipes (00:00)
Aloo Anda Recipe (00:12)
Anda Paratha (2:13)
Aloo Shimla Mirch (6:45)
Shakshuka (9:19)
Chicken curry (dhaba style) (10:54)
Bread Omelette (13:39)
Meetha Paratha (2 ways) (15:24)
Tawa Keema Recipe (18:29)
Spanish Omelette (20:52)
Podina paratha recipe (21:48)
Masala Aloo Katli Reicpe (2 ways) (25:05)


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