Savory Beef Mince- DIY easy Dog Food Dinner – a tutorial by Cooking For Dogs

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Savory Mince for Dogs– easy DIY Dog food — a Cooking for Dog tutorial
Quick and easy savory beef mince and vegetables for Dogs.


Frypan or skillet
Wooden Spoon


1 kilo Beef Mince
1 kilo Mixed Frozen Vegetables
2 beef stock cubes (good quality preservative free)
2 Fish Oil Capsules (Omega 3)
2 tbspn Olive Oil

Add oil to frypan and heat till sizzling
Add beef mince and stir
Add beef stock cubes – crumble over beef
Add Fish oil Capsules and stir thoroughly
Once mince is browned
Add frozen vegetables (no onions which are toxic to dogs)
Stir through and put lid on pan
Simmer on low heat for approximately 25 minutes

Once cooked cool before serving

Spoon into Patty Pan tin for easy portion control
Freeze the patty pan
Take out the mince patties and freeze in individual sandwich size freezer bags

The beef mince provides important protein while the vegetables add necessary vitamins and minerals. Remember onions are toxic for your pup so check your vegetable mix.

The fiber will help your pooch have easy stools and prevent constipation

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Music track original composition used with permission – “Crossover” by Trent Kelly


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