Super Simple Summer Cocktails | Absolut Drinks With Rico

How to make our top 5 easy summer cocktails! It’s summer, it’s sunny, and you’re looking for a great drink to share with your friends. Well, look no further! In this episode, Rico will show you how to make 5 of our favorite summer drinks from home!

We’re gonna make the perfect spiked lemonade, a Vodka Tom Collins, some Frozen Margaritas and last, but not least, the one and only amazing 2-in-1 cocktail: The Miami Vice! Let’s get into it!

00:00 What are the most popular Summer Drinks?
01:13 How do you make lemonade from scratch?
03:35 How to make an Absolut Citron Lemonade
05:20 How to make a Vodka Collins
10:15 How do you make a Frozen Margarita from scratch?
14:40 How to make a Miami Vice

About Absolut Drinks
Absolut Drinks is your one-stop shop for everything a home bartender needs to know! Need to learn the recipe of your favourite cocktail by heart? We’ve got it. Wanna find out what cocktails you can make with an old orange? We’ve got you. Can’t figure out how to use that old cocktail shaker in the back of your bar cabinet? We’re here to help.

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