Turkish Yufka Borek Varieties 4 Different Recipes

4 different borek will be made in this video
materials for hunter borek
essential spices
cheddar cheese
green pepper, parsley
thin bread made for borek

chop the onion into very thin long slices
chop green peppers
mix minced meat and onion in a large pan, cook
Using the lid, you can cook more with steam
add green peppers
add the spices and salt
wait for it to cool
you can crush the walnuts with a rolling pin
chop parsley
grated cheddar
add the ingredients, mix after the minced meat has cooled
I mentioned that 4 different borek will be made, material was prepared for this hunter borek
now the other borek will be with vegetables and ingredients
onion, carrot,
green pumpkin
green pepper
salt and spices
peppermint, pepper, paprika, mixed vegetable seasoning

chop the onion into very thin long slices
Peel and grate the carrot
grate green zucchinis
chop green peppers
add oil to the large pan and cook the onions a little
add and cook other vegetables
add salt and seasoning
close the lid, leave to rest
to be made for other borek potato lovers
Ingredients for borek with potatoes, boiled potatoes
hot pepper paste
salt and spices, peppermint, and black pepper
chopped parsley
grate boiled potatoes
chilled potatoes will be grated better
add olive oil
add pepper paste
add some butter
add grated potato
add salt
add black pepper, mint, and parsley mix
potato borek material ready, let it cool

ingredients for cheese pie
I use curd cheese and classic feta cheese
curd cheese is a thirsty, salt-free and lean cheese, cheap but very healthy, add salt,
add chopped parsley
Optionally, spices, black cumin, dried mint and chili peppers can be
mix, you can add some water according to its consistency
you can use different cheeses, but not cheeses that can melt like water
Dough breads for borek are sold in markets like this.
I made videos about how it was produced before, those who wonder can watch it
Divide the bread dough into 4 pieces
Prepare this size floor to make 1 portion borek
traditional Turkish hunter borek
Beat 1 egg and use it to cover the edges of the borek
add the minced meat mixture that you prepared
close the inside to be full and tight, wrap in a cylindrical shape
glue the tip with egg
In fact, the outer part is completely immersed in the egg and covered with breadcrumbs.
You can optionally cover the outside with breadcrumbs.
this size will be enough for 1 person, as I want

The mixture we prepared to make potato borek was cooled
looks like this when I show it closely, looks black when I walk away
If anyone understands from photography, they can write me why
likewise add potatoes to triangular yufka bread
this time it will be a flat borek straight
mixed vegetable borek
you can put the borek mixture with vegetables a little less
cheesy pastry
I did not add spices to borek with cheese, but you can add black seed, mint, chili
borek varieties prepared,
As I mentioned, you can make a crispy coating on the outside
it is possible to completely immerse it in the egg and cover it with breadcrumbs
Use oil to cook borek, fry borek in a large pan
It will be ready to serve easily in 5 minutes
Beautiful breakfast borek varieties for sahur in Ramadan
I freeze the excess and can be made ready in 10 minutes when needed
if I have to give points, hunter borek is very good
I can put the borek with vegetables in the last row, but they are all good.
Boreks ready for sahur, I wish everyone a good month of Ramadan #doughBorekMaking #TurkishBorekRecipes #HomemadePastries


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